Being Salmon, Being Human

Discovering the Wild in Us and Us in the Wild

"This remarkable book … must be among the most important books published in a long, long time... The Norwegian parliament should arrange a classic reading circle for this book. To the salmon industry: roll out the red carpet and invite Mueller on a tour: the storytelling performance based on the book should be shown in every nook and cranny in the country of the so-called salmon fairytale." NINA OSSAVY, NY TID

“... a powerful and courageous performance ... weaving together the magic and wonder of the salmon’s migration with the brutal realities of the Norwegian salmon farming business. Georgiana and Martin’s storytelling takes us to the inside of the salmon’s world whilst Torgeir’s music (with guitar and joik) evokes its haunting ambience. Through the unfolding story, science jostles with myth to immerse us in both the freedom of the of the open sea and the intense pain of captivity. Never has my behaviour been more affected by a performance piece than by this. It deserves to be seen widely especially where the Atlantic salmon swims.” MALCOM GREEN. STORYTELLER, AUTHOR, ENVIRONMENTALIST, UK


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