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Martin Lee Mueller

Martin holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oslo. His mentors include Bergljot Børresen, Arne Johan Vetlesen, Arne Næss, James Lovelock, Stephan Harding & David Abram. Martin has previously helped build teaching centers in rural Mongolia, worked as a kindergarten teacher, been an elementary school librarian, and led a wilderness school in the Norwegian forest. He is associate professor at the Rudolf Steiner University College and teaches regularly in Norway and abroad. He lives in Oslo, where he loves to see salmon return to rivers once wasted.

Tiril Bryn

Tiril is a storyteller from Norway. Her storytelling is inspired by cultural heritage, traditions, indigenous culture and modern science. She investigates the relation between stories and the landscape and how stories are both locally connnected with nature and place and at the same time are universal and have similarities all over the world. She is Cand.Philol from University of Oslo where she worked with comparison between Japanese and Norwegian Fairy Tales.


She works with storytelling perfomances, workshops and different projects with focus on stories as identity.


Torgeir Vassvik

Torgeir is an Arctic sound-poet who combines progressive Sami Joik and modern strings. His music gives new visions of the animistic vocal art of the Sami of Northern Europe and updates vocal and percussion rituals for the 21st century. Torgeir also takes part in activities for the arts and rights of indigenous people worldwide.


Georgiana Keable


Georgiana is one of the pioneers for storytelling in the UK and Norway and she likes adventures. Each year she takes a thousand teenagers up the Norwegian Pilgrims way. By the Viking mound in the South of Norway she leads a botanical story adventure, prompting 12-year-olds to spontaneously hug trees and learn which species surround them. In the remote Lofoten Islands, collecting stories by day and sleeping in a hammock by night, she discovered that every single stranger had a tale of connection between nature and humans. Georgiana founded ‘Fortellerhuset’ (The Storytelling House) with storytellers from four continents and The Norwegian Storytelling Festival. She has told at festivals worldwide and recently published ‘The Natural Storyteller’, which won 1st prize on the Purple Dragonfly children's book awards as best green book.


Charles Morris

Charlie is a USA-based filmmaker who began his work as a videographer and video editor while filming in a medium-security prison. Since then, he's been drawn towards hard-to-tell stories regarding environmental and social justice causes. If it has to do with helping people connect to nature in a new way, then it's a story he's interested in telling. Charlie was working on how to get to Vancouver Island from the east coast of the USA to capture a story about the fish farms endangering wild salmon populations there when he came across Martin's book. After reading that book, Charlie realized that the book should really be the beginning of a movement. Now he is working to incorporate the ideas and feelings of the book into his filmmaking as he travels to meet with Salmon Folk, wherever they may be. You can get information on the release of the webisodes and short films on his website: